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What is it?

For Mobile Devices
It has aspects of billiards and pinball. But the balls can change colors! It only looks simple. It's deviously compelling.


Bivball is all about colors and shapes.
Solve puzzles.
Win prizes.
Have fun!


Many ways to win!
Free Bonus every 6 hours
Free Life every 4 hours
Something New with Every Badge

Bivball is what you get when you genetically splice bubblewrap, billiards, pinball and a rainbow together. With explosions.

Roy G Biv

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It just wouldn't all fit in the game!
Bivball is a simple game of complexities. We have made some movies to illustrate.
  1. Bivball explained in 13 seconds
  2. If you are finding the 2D flick motion difficult. This might help!
  3. The Color Cycle is everywhere and bears a bit of explanation
  4. Touching a Ball allows for Greater accuracy. But it is not as fast as Flick.
  5. Everything means something. Look here to find out what!
  6. Every shape has some unique behavior. Learn about each of them here.

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